Friday, December 17, 2010

Mumbai GPO - “One Stop Mall”

The Postal System has been in existence in India since 1296 when mail was carried by using the horses and camels.  Mail runners also used to carry the mails through jungles, climb hills, cross rivers in ancient times.  The Mumbai GPO has rare distinction of having distinct place in history of India.  The present GPO building was designed in 1902 by Shri John   Begg, F.R.I. BA.  The stone fronted edifice was taken up for construction on 1st September 1904 and completed on 31.03.1913.  Thus very shortly, Mumbai GPO building is completing 100 years of its historic existence.  The Archaeological department of Govt. of India has declared GPO as a Heritage building and apart from general public, many foreign visitors, School / College Students visits Mumbai GPO to see its structure and for study purpose.
            Mumbai GPO has seen many changes while offering traditional services viz. Registered Letters, Parcels, Money Orders, VPP, Sale of stamps & stationary and franking etc. to cater the needs of public from time to time, as the days go on. 
            Now, the face of Mumbai GPO is totally changed under Project Arrow Scheme and took modern look by modernising its services through Computerisation.  We have deployed huge Computer Hardware setup having dedicated Servers and around 300 Desktop Computers, 150 Printers connected in LAN System.  Our In- house, Technology Team maintaining this entire Network with Zero Down Time, to serve the customers by 24 x7, as GPO is functioning round ‘o’ clock and on Sunday/ holidays also.
            All Counter services have been provided with modern amenities like Computerised Savings Bank and Multipurpose Counter Machines.  Apart from our traditional services, we are offering various Electronic and Web based services as under:
  1. Electronic Money Order (eMO)
  2. Instant Money Order (IMO)
  3. e-Payment (Collection of various Bills of Corporate Customers/ Entrepreneurs)
  4. e-Post (affordable service like e-Mails for individuals and Corporate Customers/ Entrepreneurs)
  5. Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT)
  6. MO Videsh (Remittances to / from  foreign countries )
  7. Speed Post Passport Service ( Sale and Acceptance of Passport forms)
  8. Passenger Railway Reservation System (PRS)
  9. Web based ‘Track and Trace system’ (To know the status of Speed Post article, eMO, WorldNet express articles, International Mail etc.)
  10. Web based Customer Grievances handling system ( Computerised Customer Care Centre)
      ‘Philately’ is a fantastic hobby which is pursued religiously by cross section of the people over a period of time through the world.  A Stamp collection opens a window to a wider world.  Philately has tremendous potential for making the people aware of our great heritage.
            Mumbai GPO is having the biggest Philately Bureau at National & International level, which is now, totally computerised by which the General public and Philatelic Deposit Account Holders are benefited, as they are getting all information On-line.  Recently, we have launched an exclusive Website: “”  to promote Philately and gaining additional Customers, additional Revenue through   On-line Mail Orders for Philatelic Stamps and Philatelic Materials.
            Thus, Mumbai GPO is functioning as a “One Stop Mall” by offering bouquet of products and services for various communications and logistical needs of urban Customers.  Our department always promotes initiatives connecting Government to its Citizens, empowering them with reliable, timely and cost effective services that can be assessed from anywhere, anytime.